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HER Total Fitness
Landen, OH

Size - 10,500 SF

Type - Fitness Facility


This all women fitness facility involved the conversion of an open warehouse into a full service gym. The transformation included a state of the art group fitness area with a shock absorbant floor and a full country club feel from the entrance to the locker room.  Construction included heavy guage framing, electrical, plumbing/mechanical and installation of all equipment.

Northrop Grumman Downsize
Dahlgren, VA

Size - 77,000 SF

Type - Class A Office


While working in a fully occupied building, Envision was charged with converting this single-tenant building into a multi-tenant space.  Due to the sensitive nature of the Tenants business/customer, work needed to take place during normal business hours.  Our work included construction and demising of common areas and tenant spaces, electrical, mechanical and all finishes.    

Dahlgren, VA

Size - 6,000 SF

Type - Class A Office


In order to accomodate FTI in an existing 10,000 sf space, a 60' demised partition was built and then FTI's buildout was completed.  This consisted of open space, 8 private offices, a kitchen, a conference room and 2 new bathrooms.  Utility work included in slab work for plumbing as well a a forced main system tied into the County sewer to service the bathrooms.

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